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As I've gotten older, I've come to appreciate the sounds of my American roots more and more. Last August (2004) I was walking past a music store and happened tp spy a banjo hanging on the wall. I had to play it. Despite my clumsy attempts, the plucking sounds that sprang forth from the instrument were pleasing to the ears, and I determined then and there that one day I would own one of these crazy things. As fortune would have it, two weeks later my dear wife surprised me on my birthday with a shiny new banjo! Needless to say, she has regretted it ever since. Well, maybe only occasionally. Here are some of my recordings.

# Title Song Info Length
1 Old Joe Clark traditional tune 1:11
2 Molly's Dance original (2005) 0:57
3 Georgia Peach original (2005) 2:36
4 Ramblin' Pete original (2005) 1:10
5 Silverlode original (2005) 1:37

Original compositions copyright © 2005 by Greg Reimer. Recordings copyright © 2005 by Greg Reimer.

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