A Little About Myself

Who is the mysterious Doctor Peter Jones anyway? And who barfed in my shoe? These and other questions may or may not be the questions you had in mind when you visited this page. Yes, the reclusive Dr. Peter Jones does exist, but he is not in fact the author of this site. And no, Doctor Peter Jones is not a real doctor, nor am I. Doctor Peter Jones, a.k.a “Petey,” is actually a member of the feline persuasion, and earned the title of doctor in 1998 for No Compelling Reason™ other than being orange. Astute readers, however, have noted that Doctor Peter Jones and I have never been seen at the same time together. Theories abound as to why this might be.

My name is Greg and I'm a software developer living in the western United States. My blog is mostly about what I spend the most time doing when I'm sitting at a computer, which is learning about and building the World Wide Web. However, readers should be prepared for a potentially wide range of topics to be discussed here, and especially should be prepared for some wildly speculative tangents about the nature of being and intelligence.

I have the Best Stinkin' Family in the World™, most of whom don't even actually stink all that much. This includes both my born-into family and the one I made when I got married, which has grown into three mostly-distinct members. I think it's important for everybody to know what their roots are, and if necessary, make peace with that. As the great Bob once said, you don't know where you're going unless you know where you've been.

Many would be interested to know my political views, and I definitely do have them, but somehow it's not interesting to me to write about that sort of stuff. It's more interesting for me to stay upstream of any strong political assertions and rather play the role of an observer in society. Watching the tensions play out and evolve between the different segments of society is interesting, and every day I grow more convinced that Nothing is Ever as Simple as it Seems. Which is part of why I stay upstream, because I'm always refactoring my political views anyway.

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