Django? Okay, I'm listening.

Posted on: July 21st, 2005 6:16 AM GMT

Topic: tech, programming, web, python, open source

I'm growing disgruntled with the various web programming environments I use on a daily basis. Each has high and low points, but lately the low points are bogging me down.

It's not the merits of the syntaxes so much as the ethos surrounding them that I don't feel comfortable in. My thinking is probably influenced by Google results. I constantly search for information about whatever language I'm working in. But come to think of it this is exactly what I mean by ethos; Google isn't going to lie to me.

So I'm on the hunt. Particularly, I'm delving into the world of Python, but how does one do web apps with it? Some web frameworks are available for Python, but frameworky-ness is part of what I'm trying to escape from right now.

As of yesterday, mod_python seems like the best candidate. Then I caught wind of Django. Here's why it has my attention so far, in spite of looking kind of frameworky:

  • based on mod_python
  • uses a BSD license
  • standards-compliant website with an information aesthetic

These things are not important in and of themselves so much as indicating that I might feel at home in the ethos of Django. I guess time will tell all.

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