PDA Accessible!

Posted on: May 10th, 2005 4:44 AM GMT

By: Greg Reimer (Code Monkey Extraordinaire)

Topic: tech, PDAs, accessibility, web design, CSS

drpeterjones.com is now accessible on standards-compliant personal digital assistants! No more waiting until you get back to your desk to check for the latest drpeterjones.com update; the content you crave can be accessed right on your PDA while the barrista fixes your vinte vanilla latte. Oh frabulous day! The drpeterjones.com marketing team knocks another one out of the park. What will they think of next?

But seriously, I made a handheld media stylesheet for the website. How did I test it you ask? I made my browser screen really, really tiny. Crude, but effective. Sadly, some PDA browsers will ignore my standard-compliant media style tag and fetch the desktop screen style anyway, but Opera mobile browsers, which are pretty common, shoud work. If anybody with a PDA wants to check this site out and let me know if it actually works, I'd welcome the feedback.

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