A veritable hotbed of fangirl activity

Posted on: April 18th, 2005 4:44 AM GMT

Topic: bizarre, funny

Somehow, through no fault of my own, and for reasons unclear to me, a certain page of my website has become a seething hotbed of horny teenage Jesse McCartney fangirl activity. I have an installation of a PHP guestbook script that exists solely for test purposes, but it has been bizarrely comandeered by hormonal thirteen year-olds for the purposes of proclaiming their desire to mate with this popular television show actor.

I'm not sure if I should interfere or not. It's like going out to the garden behind the compost pile and lifting up an old board. When you see what's underneath the board, you just want to set the board back down, slowly back away, and never lift up any board ever, ever again. Sure you could kick it over and blast it out with the garden hose, but you know that boards in backyards all over the world have the same thing going on underneath them and, well, why screw with nature?

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